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what is GAPS

a nutritional protocol to optimise digestion. Gut And Physiology Syndrome "autoimmune illness, allergies, arthritis, gut problems, fatigue, hormonal problems, neurological disease" Quote from Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride. 'all disease begins in the gut' hippocrates.


i have allergies and food intolerances, is this for me?

I cannot claim that gaps can heal any illness or ailment. but the gaps protocol is a tried and tested method for reintroducing foods that may have caused you reactions in the past. you will learn about dairy reintroduction and testing for intolerance using a simple kitchen sink techniques you can use at home. it's all about listening to your body's messages.


i've got symptoms, will it help?

what ever your body is trying to tell you with your symptoms, you can be sure that inflammation is part of the healing process and eating gaps foods will give your body building blocks to optimise all your bodily functions and help take out the rubbish on a cellular level. only you can choose what goes in your mouth, try gaps and see what happens when you start to use food as medicine.


what can you eat?

meats and fish, fruits and veg, good fats: butter, lard, goosefat, stock, soup, stew, stirfry, ferments like kvass and kraut, 24 hour fermented dairy, honey, dried fruits, nuts and seeds. it's an extremely satisfying and tasty way to eat, many call it lush. (lush, definition: Abundant; plentiful).


what's not on the menu?

grains, refined sugars, refined veg oils and anything made with them. basically, processed foods are out. make no mistake it can be a challenge to get over food addictions, i have worked with plenty of fussy eaters and sugar monsters. we are constantly bombarded from all angles with messages to consume the opiates of the masses. On GAPS we flood the system with a variety of probiotics (good gut flora) fermented foods cause our taste buds to evolve, they recolonise the gut with beneficial probiotic bacteria and, over time, miraculously, sugar cravings begin to disappear.

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